We're passionate about working with people who share our vision to succeed and to leave a legacy for their family.

Hamilton Property Partners is passionate about working with people who share our vision, which is to succeed and leave a legacy for their family. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed financially.

Whether you are a business owner or employed, whether you are struggling or doing really well, whether you have ideas or are unsure, we want to work with you. Let's achieve our dreams together.

After investing into our property education, we still felt a lack of confident applying theory to practice. We also recognized and related to those who were wanting to grow and their need for an affordable and realistic option to achieving their vision.

We at Hamilton Property Partners have identified that property is a tangible asset which can provide homes, security, passive income and freedom of choice and we are happy to share these benefits with you.

Meet The Team

Our family wants to help your family leave a legacy for your loved ones.


Shervonne Hamilton

Senior Managing Partner

David Hamilton

Senior Managing Partner

What We Do

We are property investors who buy below-market-value properties to rent out and receive cash flow time and time again. We are offering you theĀ opportunity to partner with us, generate your own wealth, and receive a better return on your money than you would get from the banks.


Create Financial Independence

We'll help you stop relying exclusively on your pension to support your future and family.


Generate Cash Flow

We'll help you make the most of your property to keep money coming in.


Property Improvement

We make sure our properties are fully-furnished, beautiful places to live.

Let us help you, our investors, save more than 24 months of time and hassle to know what market to invest in, when to invest and what not to do when investing. We've invested in the education to know how to get the best return on investment and make your journey a little easier.

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